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John 1:1 "... and the Word was a god."



My friend Grzegorz Kaszyński,, has done much research into gathering together Bible translations, and other works, by scholars who have studied closely the biblical texts, and have made translations of the Greek New Testament texts.  He has created and maintains a very comprehensive website of those translations and other works, and links to those translations and other works, to show that the whole world of Christian believers do not all base their belief upon the name of Jesus Christ according to the triune godhead theology invented in the early 4th century. 


Until the 4th century, beginning upon the day of Pentecost (Acts 2) in about 30 AD, or C.E. if you wish, when about 3,000 believers received a new birth above in the God's gift of his holy Spirit, salvation / wholeness, they all received a new birth from above and sonship with the God our heavenly Father they having never heard of a triune godhead, because it wasn't invented yet.  Jesus Christ and his apostles never preached or taught anything about a triune godhead, because it wasn't a part of the Evangelism of Jesus Christ which God taught to his son Jesus Christ (John 7:16).  I guess the God almighty and his son Christ Jesus didn't get the memo.


It's an indictment from the holy scriptures themselves, God's Word, that those who claim that no one else can possible be a true follower of Jesus Christ, a disciple of Christ Jesus, and can't receive salvation, if they don't believe in Constantine's triune godhead invention, are religious bigots.  And they are conspicuously ignorant of the holy scriptures, especially of the records throughout the New Testament texts of believers receiving salvation, especially in the book of Acts.


Jesus Christ and his disciples and apostles didn't preach and teach hatred and bigotry against people, against one another, but preached, and taught, and demonstrated love for one another.  Two of the ten commandments are specifically about love, remember?


If you're not full of hatred and bigotry against others who have and do believe upon the saving name of Jesus, then take some time to explore some of the great works which have been done over the centuries by non-triune godhead scholars and believers.  Our heavenly Father and his son, Christ Jesus, are no respecters of outward appearances.  But they look upon people's hearts, to see what's in them; hate, bigotry, smug elitism, or love for God, his son Christ Jesus, and their fellow men and women.


Don't forget to thank Grzegorz Kaszynski for all of his endless hours of searching for this material to make it available to us all.  For those who do this kind of work it can be long and tedious many times.  And if not thanks from you, from who?  Believe me, and think about it, Grzegorz isn't getting any Thank You cards and notes from those who believe in the triune godhead invention, probably not even one. 



Brother Hal Dekker