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If you know how to use a personal computer and the internet, an abundance of information on this subject can be found on medical association and federal and state government health and law enforcement websites.  See the references at the end of this page for key search words.


I'm presenting this statistical data because if I was contemplating the adoption of a gay lifestyle of any kind, I would want to know what I might be getting myself into before jumping into it blindly.



Two Obvious Kinds Of Homosexuality


I believe anyone can see, if they care to look, that there are at least two obvious kinds of homosexuality present in the world: 


1.  One kind of homosexuality is the kind in which the homosexual partners are only interested in, and are looking for and expecting to find, a long-term relationship, a life-long spousal relationship in which each partner is dedicated and vowed to only the other single partner.  This kind of relationship demonstrates virtually all of the same characteristics and goals of heterosexual relationships, such as mutual dedication, trust, and fidelity in much deeper and meaningful ways, based upon a life-long commitment.


2.  The other kind of homosexuality I see is characterized by its participants being much more spurious in their associated activities, some activities going well beyond activism into militancy. 


One extreme of this kind of spurious behavior is demonstrated by its participants who are not necessarily interested in committing to a long-term relationship, but are more interested in many short-term relationships. 


The other extreme of this kind of spurious behavior is demonstrated by its participants who are especially interested in not only short-term relationships, but very short-term relationships, such as having a different sexual partner every night, if not several. 


I see members of both groups active in petitioning for the same legal rights to which heterosexuals have access under state and federal laws.  But it is in this second kind of homosexuality that exist those for which their voracious appetite for estranged homosexual sex can't be satiated.  Primarily in this second kind of homosexuality I see there are some who are violent and hateful, radically, almost militantly, towards heterosexuals, especially those who demonstrate they are "homophobic" towards homosexuality, for the sake of their children being accosted, indoctrinated and ultimately perverted into joining them in their kind of lifestyle. 


For the majority of heterosexuals, their definition of "homophobic" is "fear of their children being drawn into a lifestyle condemned by the God", the creator of the heavens and earth, in which lifestyle the subsequent outcome is briefly described in the last part of Rom. 1, and elsewhere, not to mention those health concerns reported to us by our own medical communities.  Many medical communities of heterosexual physicians have compiled data and statistics about the outcomes of a homosexual lifestyle, as listed below.  I'm not sure about whether homosexual physicians are interested in documenting and compiling medical statistics related to those with a homosexual lifestyle. 


I have a supposition that most all of those documented statistics apply mostly to those who practice the second kind of homosexuality, as I have described above, the militant kind, more than to the first kind who have chosen and committed themselves to long-term unions with only one partner.



Who Is Without Sin, Who Is Eligible To Judge These Things?


I believe the God, through his Word he has given to us through his mouthpieces, his holy prophets, does the judging.  God's Word does the judging.  Since the majority, I believe, of homosexuals don't believe in the God, the one written about in the Bible, the idea of a retribution of some kind being allowed to come to pass in one's life, a retribution of some kind of serious illness of disease as described in Rom. 1, is foolishness.  I certainly agree not to impose my beliefs on homosexuals, as long as they agree not to try to impose their beliefs and lifestyle upon me and my children! 


But we've all abundantly seen that militant homosexuals wish to continually bombard us with their advertising in favor of their preferred lifestyle, as though heterosexual-based sex, which obviously perpetuates the existence of the human race, in which men prefer the natural anatomy of a woman over the filthy use of another man's anal canal, is somehow deviant behavior.  Homosexuals can't possibly argue their point successfully from a basis of using examples in nature all around us, since homosexual behavior contradicts how they got here.  The war on heterosexuals assumes homosexuals only have the right to determine their preferred lifestyles, and assumes heterosexuals have no right to determine their preferred lifestyles. 


One ugly fact which may not ever be able to be dismissed, is that militant homosexual behavior has its negative "rewards", both psychologically and physiologically.  Militant homosexuals can see this for themselves if they simply look around among themselves.  They certainly don't need heterosexuals to point this out to them.  The negative "rewards" are those things prophesied in the holy writings, some of which writings I'll post here in this page.


But since I've chosen what to personally believe, which is my right as well as anyone's right, then I choose to believe God's Word, some of which may be contained in at least the sixty-six books of the Bible.  I choose to believe what the God says in his Word, that it is his Word which is the standard to which all mortal's thoughts, words and actions must be compared, to determine one's own acceptability to the God, the creator, potter, and heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  If that God's standard of life style and behavior is to be accepted, then those mortals must search their own hearts and compare their own thoughts, words and actions to God's Word if they wish to know where they stand with God.  The God says that he is the one who gives those negative "rewards" to those who ignore his Word, and he gives them especially to those who pursue after those who try to live by the God's Word. 


Heb. 10:30 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) we know (oidamen) the one (ton) having enunciated (eiponta), “Vengeance (ekdikēsis) [is] to me (emoi), I (egō) shall repay (antapodōsō)!”


And (kai) again (palin), “[The] Lord (kurios, YHWH) shall judge (krinei) the (ton) people (laon) of him (autou).”


Heb. 10:31 (LIT/UBS4) Fearful (phoberon) [is] the one (to) to fall (empesein) into (eis) [the] hands (cheiras) of [a/the] living (zōntas) God (theou).


On account of what God's Word says in it, believing disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ who believe God's Word is Truth, must reject the practice of homosexuality as an "alternative lifestyle" because it is condemned by God's Word (Rom. 1:18-32).  God's Word plainly warns those who practice such behavior and lifestyle that they bring the anger of God upon themselves (v. 18), and ultimately a death sentence (v.32), either sooner or later, which death is the result of the accumulation of negative "rewards" (James 1:13-15).  This is the wisdom of our forefathers which has been passed down to us so we can learn it.


But let all of us heterosexuals as well get honest in God's eyes.  The God, in his Word, absolutely does not recognize the bigoted concept that homosexuals sin, but that heterosexuals do not!  Negative "rewards" come from sin, no matter who does it (James 1:13-15).  The Word says "all have sinned" (Rom. 3:23, 5:12).  And so pointing fingers, condemning, the pot calling the kettle "black" etc., is all shallow, ignorant and bigoted sin as well.  And so why commit sin to point out sin, as is widely practiced among ignorant mortals, those who are over-zealously religious, but spiritually ignorant! 


I post these homosexual lifestyle statistics here, as have been collected, documented and reported to us by our own medical care communities, hoping to scare heterosexuals out of considering at least a militant homosexual lifestyle as a rewarding commitment; and to scare those who have already chosen it to present to them a look at what catastrophes may possibly be on their own life's horizon.  As you've heard in many Hollywood movies, "be careful how you choose"!


In what I believe is God's Word, the God apparently views homosexuality as a result of accountable personal choices, rather than an inevitability derived from uncontrolled deterministic forces.  Holy scriptures teaches that people actively choose to engage in the "lusts of the flesh" (Gal. 5:16; 2 Pet. 2:18; 1 John 2:16).  Whether genetics has anything to do with it, the God can judge.  I believe those who practice militant homosexuality were not totally out of control in the beginning of their decision making, but their lust gradually grew out of control subsequent to that decision making, into which life style they may now have become slaves. 


From reports about examples of homosexual behavior it appears to me that men train their penises to desire to "fed" each and every day, maybe multiple times a day, or maybe even constantly, until subsequently over time a man's penis controls a man's mind, rather the man's mind controlling the man's body.  That a man's mind should be in control of his body is a foundational teaching of discipleship to Christ Jesus, taught by Christ Jesus and his apostles, in God's Word.


Various writers in God's Word affirm a male and female relationship at the outset of the last genesis/origination, a relationship based upon binary male-female genders, with one or the other being fixed in each person at their creation, and not a social construct or individual choice subject to alteration by the person so formed, made and created.  The holy scriptures view and present homosexuality, at least the militant kind, as a self-chosen, self-determined, and self-inflicted 'lifestyle,' and absolutely not as a predetermined 'state of being' into which one is uncontrollably born.



What Does God's Word Say?


Now let's look at the holy scriptures to see exactly what the God has said to us through the mouths of his holy prophets, to discover what is pleasing in his sight.  looking at Rom. 1:18-32 (you may want to use my literal translation), God's Word says homosexuals have the entire creation as a witness to them of what is right, which itself witnesses to them that what they do is wrong.  Therefore they have no apology for their acts (v. 19-20).  Their dialogues are foolish and their hearts are darkened and unharmonious (v. 21).  Asserting [themselves] to be wise, they become immoral (v. 22).  God has abandoned them because rather than glorify God in their bodies, they dishonor their bodies and thereby dishonor God (v. 23-24).  They have made their god to be theirs and others physical bodies (v. 25).  Because they crave one another's physical bodies rather than God's Word, God has completely removed his hand of protection from over them, and allows them to earn for themselves an anti-wage (antimisthian) which is due to them, which they take into themselves (v. 26-27). 


An anti-wage is a wage which is earned from God, which makes one, in every sense of the word, poorer, as opposed to a wage which is earned which makes one wealthier.  God's Word doesn't state specifically what the anti-wage is, but that it is due payment for homosexual activity.  I believe that it is obvious to anyone with a little intelligence that the sickness and disease which is reported to be common among homosexuals, which is transmitted through homosexual activity, is the anti-wage to which God's Word refers, because verse 27 says,


"... males (arsenes) in (en) to males (arsesin), causing themselves to work down (katergazomenoi) the (tēn) indecent behavior (aschēmosunēn), ...".  


Because homosexuals, or "Gays" as they prefer to be called (I'm not sure what they have to be "gay" (old meaning of word) about), choose not to approve of God's Word, Truth, to hold his Word in acknowledgement, he has chosen to allow their minds to become unable to determine to do things which are proper and acceptable (v. 28).  Because of this, God allows them to become filled with all unrighteousness and evil, and gives us a description of their immoral thoughts and actions, and warns us about them (v. 29-31).  They come to experientially know the justice of God, that the ones who practice such things make themselves the equivalent of death; not only because they practice a homosexual lifestyle, but because they give their approval also to others who do the same things (v. 32).


Some in the gay community would like everyone else to believe that through observations over periods of time it is possible to notice behavior and lifestyle characteristics of all living things, with the exception of them.  That is wishful thinking to say the least.  Doctors and scientists in many professional fields of study and practice have noticed characteristic behaviors and lifestyles of those who are gay.  And those people in those professions have recorded their findings over periods of time through dealing with those in the gay community.  That's the simple truth of the matter.


The following data gathered from medical, scientific, governmental, and law enforcement agencies in various locations over various periods of time, verifies the apparent Truth given in Biblical records such as in Rom. 1:18-32, and elsewhere.  The apparent Truth of God's Word on this issue is startling, considering a data statistic which shoes the average life expectancy of a homosexual; a male's average being 42 yrs. and a female's being 45 yrs., before dying of a disease common to that lifestyle (see ref. 8 at bottom of page).  Yes, this is probably an old statistic, but yet an accurate statistic at the time it was calculated from its associated data.  Data now may show an increase in those life spans based upon much better early detection and treatment, especially with drugs which may not have existed before.



In David Kupelian's book, 'The Marketing of EVIL', he says;


"AIDS - originally named GRID (gay-related immunodeficiency disease) until activist homosexuals pressured the medical establishment to switch to the generic acronym AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) - was the ultimate public relations nightmare.  It gave society a brand-new reason to fear and shun homosexuals - namely, concern over becoming infected with a nightmarish new disease.


And AIDS did something else.  In order for the medical establishment and news media to communicate to the public how the disease was being transmitted, it became necessary to focus publicly on the one thing homosexuals most wanted to downplay - the sometimes-bizarre sexual acts in which they engage and their often astronomically high numbers of sexual partners.  (A widely cited 1978 study by Alan P. Bell and Martin S. Wineburg reported that 43 percent of homosexuals had more than five hundred sex partners during their lifetime.)  Alan P. Bell and Martin S. Wineburg, Homosexuality: A Study of Diversity among Men and Women (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1978), 308."


The following data is reprinted from the following websites.  Some of these sites may not exist now with these specific links, but I know they functioned at the time I first wrote about this.  Nonmilitant gays don't seem to have as big of a resentment against these statistics, as militant gays appear to have.




Facts and Statistics About Homosexuals



The True Number of Homosexuals



Should Homosexuals Be A "protected" Class?





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