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International Earthquake Frequency


I've been watching the frequency of earthquakes for several years and believe there is a distinct trend in the growth of the frequency of earthquakes around the world.  See my link to frequency charts below.  At the United States Geological Survey (USGS) web they've given us almost anything on the subject of earthquakes, including an opinion by them expressing whether they believe their data shows a gradual increase in the worldwide frequency of earthquakes over a period of time.  While science in general continues to claim not to favor disproving or proving the prophecies of ancient Judeo-Christian writings, it can't seem to keep itself from verifying their accuracy, time and time again.


The ancient words for earthquake, Hebrew ra'ash, Strong's number 07493, appears at least 17 times in the Hebrew text, and Greek seismos, Strong's number 4578, appears in the ancient Greek Textus Receptus at least 14 times, not counting its appearance in compound words if any.


I pulled my earthquake data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) web site, National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC),  The USGS network has a vast amount of user friendly services available.  I suggest you may enjoy a visit to their pages.  Aside from the subject matter, I was astounded at the vast amount of information they've made available, and the quality of their presentations in their pages.


On the following page, based upon the USGS worldwide earthquake data, the International Earthquake Frequency Charts linear trend lines show the increasing growth in the frequency of earthquakes in all magnitude rating categories, for the years 1990 and later.  Here I show the reason given by the USGS to play-down the possible increase in worldwide earthquake frequency, as well as my analysis of their data which shows, in my opinion, that there is a definite increase in worldwide earthquake frequency.  Jesus Christ predicted that earthquake activity would be unmistakably indicative of the time of the consummation of this present age, as well as the frequency of wars and rumors of wars (Mat. 24:7).


Earthquakes In Prophecy


Jesus Christ's disciples asked him about when will be the time of the future consummation of the age, the coming of the moth and the sign of it.  In his answer he prophesizes earthquakes as part of the sign of "[a/the] beginning (archē) of pains (ōdinōn) (Mat. 24:8)".  Since earthquakes have occurred all the time throughout history, I believe we should take this to mean that there will be a definite and noticeable increase in earthquake activity, and in places where earthquakes infrequently occur.


Mat. 24:3 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) of him (autou) causing himself to sit down (kathēmenou) upon (epi) the (tou) mountain (orous), the one (tōn) of olive trees (elaiōn), the (hoi) disciples (mathētai) came to (prosēlthon) him (autō) down on (kat’) [on, AE] his own (idian), saying (legontes), “Enunciate (eipe) to us (hēmin) when (pote) these things (tauta) shall cause itself to be (estai), and (kai) what (ti) [is] the (to) sign (sēmeion) of the (tēs) presence (parousias) [of the] moth4597 (sēs), and (kai) of the (tēs) complete coming together (sunteleias) of the (tou) age (aionos)?”


"But of him causing himself to sit down" - A popular idiom signifying preparation to teach, and the teaching posture.


"what [is] the sign of the presence [of the] moth" - In Mat. 6:19-20 Jesus taught them about not "treasuring up" for themselves a treasury upon the earth where moth and corrosion can cause it to vanish.  


In Mat. 24:3 the disciples asked Jesus about the coming moth, in response to Jesus teaching them in Mat. 23:29-39 about the ones who pursued after and killed the prophets and righteous ones.  In Isa. 51: 8 the speaker, God himself, states that the moth would come in the future to "eat up like a garment" those who are pursuing after and killing the prophets and the righteous ones, the lineage of Ishmael (Gal. 4).  The disciples already knew Jesus' parable of a moth destroying mortal's wealth (Mat. 6:19-20).  But now the disciples want to know more, which prophecy in Isa. 51:6-8 and Jesus' answer to them in Mat. 24, speaks of the coming moth as not simply destroying mortal's wealth, but dismantling the present heaven and earth to prepare a new heaven and earth.  In James 5 James speaks of the garments of the rich ones as being moth-eaten" (James 5:2), and these are the ones who killed the righteous one (Gal. 5:6).  James encourages the believers to wait patiently for the presence of the Lord (Gal. 5:7).  These references suggest that the coming "moth" is the coming Christ Jesus, coming in his second coming with his one body.

Mat. 24:4 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) having been caused to make [a] decision (apokritheis), the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) enunciated (eipen) to them (autois), “Look (blepete), may not anyone of you wander (mē tis humas planēsē)!

"And having been caused to make [a] decision" - Although his disciples ask him about the coming moth, i.e., the coming destruction which it symbolizes, Jesus understands their primary concern is about his prophecy (23:6,8 and other places) for all the things to come upon this present generation before his return, which will be after the moth comes.  But to the Jews who seem to be constantly pursued throughout history, to them it seems as though the moth is constantly coming upon them, which it is.  How will they be able to distinguish the "final" coming of the moth as the prerequisite of the return of Jesus?  Jesus decides to give them more details about the consummation of the age, and the coming of the moth at that time, some of the specific events which shall occur shortly before the consummation of the age, and his coming.

"Look, do not [let] anyone cause you to wander!" - Planese, 'wander', is the root word for our English word 'planet'.  The concept most of the ancients had about the near heavenly bodies, the planets of our solar system, was that they appeared to wander across the heavens without any apparent purpose.  This is simply because those people then were ignorant of astronomical discoveries which apparently had not yet been made.  There were a few wise men in those days, such as the Persian Magi, who understood the purpose of the heavenly bodies to be as time keepers, and to be as signs to signal important events in the history of mortalkind.  Jesus disciples were not to wander in their knowledge and belief from what he taught them.


Mat. 24:5 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) many (polloi) shall cause themselves to come (eleusontai) over (epi) the (tō) name (onomati) of me (mou), saying (legontes), ‘I (egō) am (eimi) the one (ho), Christ (Christos)’, and (kai) many (pollous) shall be caused to wander (planēsousi).


Mat. 24:6 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) you are about (mellēsete) to hear (akouein) of wars (polemous), and (kai) things heard (akoas) of wars (polemōn).


See that (horate) you are not troubled (mē throeisthe), because (gar) it is required (dei) to cause itself to come to pass (genesthai).


BUT (all), not yet (oupō) is (esti) the (to) completion (telos)!


Mat. 24:7 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) shall be aroused (egethēsetai) ethnic group (ethnos) over (epi) ethnic group (ethnos), and (kai) kingdom (basileia) over (epi) kingdom (basileia).


And (kai) famines (limoi), and (kai) earthquakes (seismoi) shall cause themselves to be (esontai) down against (kata) places (topous).


"shall be aroused ethnic group upon ethnic group, and kingdom over kingdom" - We are obviously still seeing this now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century after Jesus' ascension.  The twentieth century, with two world wars plus many smaller wars,  was the bloodiest century in the entire history of mortalkind upon this planet!

"down places" - The word down, kata, is used much in the ancient's manners of speaking.  Our English language still contains remnants of this popular ancient idiom, down the street, down the road, downtown, down South, get down to, etc.  The concept being that one needs to go down to get there.  To the Middle Eastern mortals 2,000 years ago, down meant going in any direction from their present location, similar to as it does today.  I take this to mean that not only will there be a greater frequency of earthquakes, but that frequency will be driven by many more earthquakes occurring down places where earthquakes infrequently occur.

Mat. 24:8 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) all (panta) these (tauta) [are] [a/the] beginning (archē) of pains (ōdinōn).

"[a/the] beginning of pains" - Jesus' exact words refer to the beginning of the consummation of the age, explaining that it will be very painful for mortalkind.  1 Thessalonians 5 compares these pains to the kind of pains that suddenly come upon a woman about to give birth, as sudden and excruciating pains.


The destruction of believers and their property from false Christs (verse 5), wars (verse 6), bigotry and hatred and famines and earthquakes (verse 7), are all the things symbolically represented in the destruction caused by the mothSo, who is the moth?  See John 10:10a.


For more holy scripture about earthquakes see Matthew 8:24, 27:54, 28:2, Mark 13:8, Luke 21:11, Acts 16:26, Revelation 6:12, 8:5, 11:13, 11:19, 16:18 also.



Brother Hal Dekker