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Chapter 4


Update:  2022.02.16


James 4:1 (LIT/UBS4) From where (pothen) [come, AE] wars (polemoi)?  


And (kai) from where (pothen) [come, AE] fights (machai) among (en) you (humin)


[Are] [they, AE] absolutely not (ouk) from here (enteuthen), out (ek) of the (tōn) hedonisms (hēdonōn) of you (humōn), [out, RE] of the (tōn) ones causing themselves to be fighters (strateuomenōn) among (en) the (tois) members (melesin) of you (humōn)?


James 4:2 (LIT/UBS4) You lust over (epithumeite) [the produce of righteousness, v3:18, RE], and (kai) you absolutely do not have (ouk echete) [it, AE]! 


You murder (phoneuete), and (kai) you are zealous (zēloute), and (kai) you can absolutely not inherently power yourselves (ou dunasthe) to hit upon2013 (epituchein) [it, AE]! 


You cause yourselves to fight (machesthe) and (kai) you make war (polemeite)!


You absolutely do not have (ouk echete) [it, AE] through (dia) the (to) [sake, AE] of you (humas) to not cause yourselves to request (mē  aiteisthai) [it, AE]!


James 4:3 (LIT/UBS4) You request (aiteite) [the produce of righteousness, v3:18, RE] and (kai) you absolutely do not receive (ou lambanete) [it, AE] through the reason that (dioti) you cause yourselves to request (aiteisthe) [it, AE] maliciously (kakōs), in order that (hina) you may spend (dapanēsēte) [it, AE] in (en) the (tais) hedonisms (hēdonais) of you (humōn)!


(For we causing ourselves to request of our heavenly Father the things we need and desire, see Mat. 7:7-11; Luke 11:5-13; John 15:7-8; James 4:1-3)


James 4:4 (LIT/UBS4) Adulterous ones (moichalides), have you absolutely not seen (ouk oidate) that (hoti) the (hē) love (philia) of the (tou) cosmos (kosmou) is (estin) hatred (echthra) of the (tou) God (theou)!? 


Therefore (oun), if perhaps (ean) whoever (hos) may be caused to wish (boulēthē) to be (einai) [a] friend (philos) of the (tou) cosmos (kosmou), he is appointed (kathistatai) [to be, RE] [a] hated one (echthros) of the (tou) God (theou)!


James 4:5 (LIT/UBS4) Or (ē) do you conclude (dokeite) that (hoti) the (hē) writing (graphē) says (legei) emptily (kenōs), “The (to) spirit (pneuma) which (ho) homed-down (katōkisen) in (en) us (hēmin) longs (epipothei) toward (pros) envy (phthonon)?” 


(For general references to the inclinations of mortal's hearts, see Gen. 6:5, 8:21.)


James 4:6 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) [the God, v4, RE] gives (didōsin) greater (meizona) grace (charin);


through which (dio) it says (legei), “The (ho) God (theos, YHWH) causes himself to be arranged in opposition (antitassetai) to arrogant ones (huperēphanois).


But (de) to humble ones (tapeinois) he gives (didōsin) grace (charin)."


(See Prov. 3:34.)


James 4:7 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), be put in submission (hupotagēte) to the (tō) God (theō).


But (de) stand opposed (antistēte) to the (tō) diabolical one (diabolō), and (kai) he shall cause himself to flee (pheuxetai) from (aph’) you (humōn).


James 4:8 (LIT/UBS4) Come near1448 (engisate) to the (tō) God (theō), and (kai) he shall come near1448 (engiei) to you (humin).


Cleanse (katharisate) your hands (cheiras), sinful ones (hamartōloi);


and (kai) make innocent (hagnisate) your hearts (kardias), double-souled ones (dipsuchoi)!


James 4:9 (LIT/UBS4) Be afflicted (talaipōrēsate), and (kai) mourn (penthēsate), and (kai) weep (klausate).


<Let> the (ho) laughter (gelōs) of you (humōn) be turned together (metatrapētō) into (eis) mourning (penthos), and (kai) the (hē) joy (chara) into (eis) sorrow (katēpheian).


James 4:10 (LIT/UBS4) Be humbled (tapeinōthēte) in sight (enōpion) of [the] Lord (kuriou), and (kai) he shall set you above5312 (hupsōsei humas).


James 4:11 (LIT/UBS4) Do not talk down (mē katalaleite) one another (allēlōn), brothers (adelphoi).


The one (ho) talking down (katalalōn) [a] brother (adelphou), or (ē) judging (krinōn) the (ton) brother (adelphon) of him (autou), he talks down (katalalei) law (nomou), and (kai) judges (krinei) law (nomon).


But (de) if (ei) you judge (krineis) law (nomon), you are (ei) absolutely not (ouk) [a] performer (poiētēs) of law (nomou), BUT (alla), [a] judge (kritēs)!


James 4:12 (LIT/UBS4) One (heis) is (estin) the (ho) lawgiver (nomothetēs) and (kai) [a] judge (kritēs), the one (ho) being inherently powered (dunamenos) to make whole (sōsai) and (kai) to destroy (apolesai).  


But (de) who (tis) are (ei) you (su), the one (ho) judging (krinōn) the (ton) neighborly one (plēsion)?


James 4:13 (LIT/UBS4) Lead on (age) now (nun), the ones (hoi) saying (legontes), “Today (sēmeron) or (ē) tomorrow (aurion) we shall go (poreusometha) into (eis) the (tēn) city (polin) of this here (tēnde);


and (kai) we shall cause ourselves to go (poiēsomen) there (ekei) [a] year (eniauton);


and (kai) we shall cause ourselves to trade merchandise (emporeusometha), and (kai) we shall make gain (kerdēsomen)!”,


James 4:14 (LIT/UBS4) ones who (hoitines) can absolutely not cause yourselves to put together (epistasthe) the (to) [time, v13, AE] of the (tēs) morrow (aurion), what (poia) [shall be, AE] the (hē) life (zōē) of you (humōn)!


Because (gar) you are (este) the (hē) mist (atmis) causing yourself to shine (phainomenē) for (pros) [a] little (oligon) [time, v13, AE], and (kai) thereupon (epeita) ones being made dim-witted (aphanizomenē).


James 4:15 (LIT/UBS4) Instead (anti) of the (tou) [dim-wittedness, v14, RE], you (humas) [are] to say (legein), “If perhaps (ean) the (ho) Lord (kurios) may desire (thelēsē) and (kai) we shall live (zēsomen), we shall do (poiēsomen) this (touto), or (ē) that (ekeino) also (kai).”


James 4:16 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) now (nun) you cause yourselves to boast (kauchasthe) in (en) the (tais) vanities (alazoneiais) of you (humōn).


All (pasa) boasting (kauchēsis) like this (toiautē) is (estin) evil (ponēra).


James 4:17 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), [for the one, AE] having seen (eidoti) to do (poiein) [a] beautiful thing (kalon), and (kai) not (mē) doing (poiounti) [it, AE], to him (autō) it is (estin) sin (hamartia).