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Chapter 10


Update:  2024.01.11

Mat. 10:1 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) having caused himself to call aloud to (proskalesamenos) the (tous) twelve (dōdeka) disciples (mathētas) of him (autou), he gave (edōken) to them (autois) authority (exousian), and so (hōste) to throw out (ekballein) unclean (akathartōn) spirits (pneumatōn), and (kai) for them (auta) to give therapy (therapeuein) for every (pasan) sickness (noson), and (kai) every (pasan) malady (malakian).

Mat. 10:2 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) of the (tōn) twelve (dōdeka) apostles (apostolōn), the (ta) names (onomata) are (estin) these (tauta):

First (prōtos) Simon (Simōn), the one (ho) being said (legomenos) [to be] Peter (Petros), and (kai) Andrew (Andreas) the (ho) brother (adelphos) of him (autou), and (kai) James (Iakōbos), the one (ho) of Zebedee (Zebedaiou), and (kai) John (Iōannēs) the (ho) brother (adelphos) of him (autou),


Mat. 10:3 (LIT/UBS4) Philip (Philippos) and (kai) Bartholomew (Bartholomaios), Thomas (Thōmas) and (kai) Matthew (Maththaios) the (ho) termination-tax collector5057 (telōnēs), James (Iakōbos) the one (ho) of the (tou) Alphaeus (Halphaiou), and (kai) Thaddaeus (Thaddaios),


Mat. 10:4 (LIT/UBS4) Simon (Simōn) the (ho) Canaanite (Kananaios), and (kai) Judas (Ioudas), the (ho) Iscariot one (Iskariōtēs), the one (ho) also (kai) having passed him aside (paradous auton).


Mat. 10:5 (LIT/UBS4) These (toutous) [are] the (tous) twelve (dōdeka) the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) sent away (apesteilen), he having given instruction (parangeilas) to them (autois), saying (legōn), “Into (eis) [a] way (hodon) of ethnic groups (ethnōn) you may not go (mē apelthēte).


And (kai) into (eis) [a] city (polin) of Samaritans (Samaritōn) you may not enter in (mē eiselthēte).


Mat. 10:6 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) cause yourselves to go (poreuesthe) more (mallon) to (pros) the (ta) sheep (probata), the ones (ta) having been lost (apolōlota) of [the] house (oikou) of Israel (Israēl).


Mat. 10:7 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) [while, AE] going (poreuomenoi), preach (kērussete), saying (legontes) that (hoti), ‘The (hē) Kingdom932 (basileia) of the (tōn) Heavens (ouranōn) has come near1448 (ēngiken)!’ 


(For how near is the Kingdom of the Heavens, i.e., the Kingdom of God, see Mat. 3:2, 4:17, 6:10, 10:7, 26:29; Mark 1:15, 9:1, 11:10, 14:25, 43; Luke 10:9-11, *17:20-21, 19:12, 22:18, 47; 1 Cor. 6:12, 10:23, 11:25; Heb. 8:8, 9:15)


Mat. 10:8 (LIT/UBS4) Give therapy (therapeuete) [to the ones, v6, RE] being disabled (asthenountas).


Awake (egeirete) dead ones (nekrous).


Cleanse (katharizete) leprous ones (leprous).


Throw out (ekballete) little demons (daimonia)


You received (elabete) gratuitously (dōrean), give (dote) gratuitously (dōrean).


(For examples of the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, and disciples of Christ Jesus NOT selling or bartering the knowledge and things of God for personal gain, or of NOT accepting money or personal gifts for themselves, but rather working with their own hands to provide for their own personal necessary needs, see Mat. 5:42-48, 10:8; Luke 7:19-22, 41-43; Acts 8:9-24, 18:1-3, 20:33-35; Rom. 3:24, 8:32; 1 Cor. 2:12, 4:12, 4:1-13, 9:3-23, 16:1-4; 2 Cor. 11:7, 12:13-19; Eph. 4:28; 1 Thes. 4:11-12; 2 Thes. 3:6-12; 1 Tim. 3:3; Titus 1:11; 3 John 1:6-7; Rev. 21:6, 22:17)


Mat. 10:9 (LIT/UBS4) Do not cause yourselves to acquire (mē ktēsēsthe) gold (chruson), but neither (mēde) silver (arguron), but neither (mēde) copper (chalkon) into (eis) the (tas) girdles (zōnas) of you (humōn);


Mat. 10:10 (LIT/UBS4) neither (mē) [carry, vMark 6:8, RE] [a] pouch (pēran) into (eis) [a] way (hodon), but neither (mēde) two (duo) shirts (chitōnas), but neither (mēde) under bindings (hupodēmata), but neither (mēde) [a] rod (rhabdon)!


Because (gar) the (ho) worker (ergatēs) [is] one worthy (axios) of the (tēs) nourishment (trophēs) of him (autou).


Mat. 10:11 (LIT/UBS4) But (d’) into (eis) which (hēn) city (polin) or (ē) town (kōmēn) perhaps (an) you may enter in (eiselthēte), verify out (exetasate) who (tis) in (en) her (autē) is (estin) [a] worthy one (axios), and stay there (kakei meinate) until (heōs) perhaps (an) you may come out (exelthēte).


Mat. 10:12 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) causing yourselves to enter in (eiserchomenoi) into (eis) the (tēn) house (oikian), cause yourselves to embrace (aspasasthe) her (autēn).


Mat. 10:13 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) if perhaps (ean) the (hē) house (okia) truly (men) may be (ē) [a] worthy one (axia), <let> the (hē) peace (eirēnē) of you (humōn) come (elthatō) upon (ep’) her (autēn)


But (de) if perhaps (ean) it may not be (mē ē) [a] worthy one (axia), <let> the (hē) peace (eirēnē) of you (humas) be caused to turn back (epistraphētō) to (pros) you (humas).


Mat. 10:14 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) perhaps (an) whoever (hos) may not cause himself to receive (mē dexētai) you (humas), but may not hear (mēde akousē) the (tous) words (logous) of you (humōn), causing yourselves to come out (exerchomenoi) outside (exō) of the (tēs) house (oikias) or (ē) of the (tēs) city (poleōs) of that (ekeinēs), shake out (ektinaxate) the (ton) dust (koniorton) of the (tōn) feet (podōn) of you (humōn).


Mat. 10:15 (LIT/UBS4) Truly (amēn), I say (legō) to you (humin), it shall cause itself to be (estai) more endurable (anektoteron) for [the] land (gē) of Sodoms4670 (Sodomōn) and (kai) of Gomorrahs1116 (Gomorrōn) in (en) [the] day (hēmera) of judgment (kriseōs) than (ē) for the (tē) city (polei) of that (ekeinē)!


(See Gen. 14:2-11 for the apostle's use of the two plurals, Sodoms and Gomorrahs, which may be dysphemisms for referencing the moral corruption of the whole five cities area in the valley of Siddim.  Mat. 10:15, 11:23-24; Luke 10:12, 17:29; Rom. 9:29; 2 Pet. 2:6; Jude 1:7; Rev. 11:8)


Mat. 10:16 (LIT/UBS4) Behold (idou), I (egō) send (apostellō) you (humas) as (hōs) sheep (probata) in (en) amid (mesō) wolves (lukōn)!


Therefore (oun), cause yourselves to become (genesthe) thoughtful ones (phronimoi) as (hōs) the (hoi) serpents (opheis), and (kai) unmixed185 (akeraioi) as (hōs) the (hai) doves (peristerai).


Mat. 10:17 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) pay attention (prosechete) from (apo) the (tōn) mortals (anthrōpōn)


Because (gar) they shall pass you aside (paradōsousin humas) into (eis) sanhedrins (sunedria).


And (kai) in (en) the (tais) synagogues (sunagōgais) of them (autōn) they shall scourge (mastigōsousin) you (humas).


Mat. 10:18 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) over (epi) [the sake, AE] of leaders (hēgemonas), but (de) of kings (basileis) also (kai), you shall be led (achthēsesthe) on account (heneken) of me (emou), into (eis) [a] witness (marturion) to them (autois) and (kai) to the (tois) ethnic groups (ethnesin).


Mat. 10:19 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) when perhaps (hotan) they may pass you aside (paradōsin humas), do not worry (mē merimnēsēte) of how (pōs) or (ē) of what (ti) you may speak (lalēsēte)!


Because (gar) what (ti) you may speak (lalēsēte) shall be given (dothēsetai) to you (humin) in (en) the (tē) hour (hōra) of that (ekeinē).


Mat. 10:20 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) you (humeis) are absolutely not (ou) the ones (hoi) speaking (lalountes)!


BUT (alla), the (to) Spirit (pneuma) of the (tou) Father (patros) [is] the one (to) speaking (laloun) in (en) you (humin)!


Mat. 10:21 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) [a] brother (adelphos) shall pass aside (paradōsei) [a] brother (adelphon) into (eis) death (thanaton), and (kai) [a] father (patēr) [shall pass aside, RE] one born (teknon) [of him, AE].


And (kai) ones born (tekna) shall cause themselves to stand up (epanastēsontai) over (epi) parents (goneis), and (kai) they shall put them to death (thanatōsousin autous).


Mat. 10:22 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) you shall cause yourselves to be (esesthe) ones being despised (misoumenoi) under (hupo) [authority, AE] of all (pantōn), through (dia) [the sake, AE] of the (to) name (onoma) of me (mou).


But (de) the one (ho) having endured (hupomeinas) into (eis) [the] end (telos) shall be made whole (sōthēsetai).


Mat. 10:23 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) when perhaps (hotan) they may pursue (diōkōnsin) you (humas) in (en) the (tē) city (polei), this one (tautē), flee (pheugete) into (eis) the (tēn) other one (heteran).


Because (gar) truly (amēn), I say (legō) to you (humin), you may no, absolutely not end (mē ou telesēte) [fleeing into, RE] the (tas) cities (poleis) of Israel (Israēl) until (heōs) perhaps (an) the (ho) Son (huios) of the (tou) Mortal (anthrōpou) may come (elthē)!


Mat. 10:24 (LIT/UBS4) [A] disciple (mathētēs) is (estin) absolutely not (ouk) over (huper) the (ton) teacher (didaskalon)!


 But absolutely not (oude) [is] [a] slave (doulos) over (huper) the (ton) lord (kurion) of him (autou)!


Mat. 10:25 (LIT/UBS4) [It, AE] [is] satisfactory (arketon) for the (tō) disciple (mathētē) that (hina) he may cause himself to become (genētai) as (hōs) the (ho) teacher (didaskalos) of him (autou), and (kai) the (ho) slave (doulos) [may cause himself to become, RE] as (hōs) the (ho) lord (kurios) of him (autou)


(For the Spirit of God being in Christ, and the Spirit of Christ being in those who believe upon his name, making them more than conquerors now, see Mat. 10:25; Acts 1:4-8; Rom. 8:9-11, 37; 1 Cor. 12:6; 2 Cor. 2:14, 13:3-5; Gal. 1:16; Eph. 1:19-20, 4:13, 6:13-18; Phil. 2:13, 4:13; Col. 1:27-29; 1 Thes. 2:13; 2 Tim. 1:7; 1 John 4:4, 5:4-5)


(For slaves having highly esteemed value, see Mat. 10:25, 20:25-28, 24:45-47, 25:14-30; Mark 10:42-45; Luke 7:2-10, 12:37-38, 42-44, 19:12-27; John 15:15-16; Acts 2:18; 1 Tim. 6:1; 2 Tim. 2:24.) 


If (ei) they called aloud (epekalesan) the (ton) house master (oikodespotēn) ‘Beelzeboul’ (Beelzeboul), how much (posō) more (mallon) [shall they call aloud, RE] [names, AE] for the ones (tous) [being] householders (oikiakous) of him (autou)?


Mat. 10:26 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), do not be made fearful (mē phobēthēte) of them (autous).


Because (gar) there is (estin) absolutely not one (ouden) [hidden thing, RE] having been covered (kekalummenon) which (ho) shall absolutely not be revealed (ouk apokaluphthēsetai), and (kai) [a] hidden thing (krupton) which (ho) shall absolutely not be made known (ou gnōsthēsetai)!


Mat. 10:27 (LIT/UBS4) What (ho) I say (legō) to you (humin) in (en) the (tē) dark (skotia), you enunciate (eipate) in (en) the (tō) light (phōti).


And (kai) what (ho) you hear (akouete) into (eis) the (to) ear (ous), you preach (kēruxate) over (epi) the (tōn) rooftops (dōmatōn).


(For Jesus Christ being prophesied as a great light coming, the one who would shed light on the knowledge of God’s Word for a people being caused to sit down in darkness, see Isa. 9:1-2, 49:1-6; Mat. 4:12-16, 10:26-27; Mark 4:21-23; Luke 1:76-79, 2:25-32, 8:16-17, 11:33, 12:1-3; John 1:1-14, 3:1-21, 8:12, 9:5, 11:9-10, 12:34-36, 41-46; Acts 13:46-47, 26:22-23; 2 Cor. 4:1-6; Eph. 5:8, 13, 14; Col. 1:12; 1 Thes. 5:5; 1 Pet. 2:9; 2 Pet. 1:19; 1 John 2:8-10.)


Mat. 10:28 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) do not be made fearful (mē phobeisthe) from (apo) the ones (tōn) causing themselves to kill (apoktennontōn) the (to) body (sōma), but (de) not (mē) causing themselves to be inherently powered (dunamenōn) to kill (apokteinai) the (tēn) soul (psuchēn)


But (de) be made fearful (phobeisthe) more (mallon) of the one (ton) causing himself to be inherently powered (dunamenon) to destroy (apolesai) both (kai) soul (psuchēn) and (kai) body (sōma) in (en) Gehenna (Geennē).


(For flesh used as a general reference to mortalkind, see Mat. 10:28, 16:17, 19:5-6, 24:22; 1 Pet. 3:18)


Mat. 10:29 (LIT/UBS4) [Are] absolutely not (ouchi) two (duo) little birds (strouthia) sold (pōleitai) for [a] tenth of [a] drachma (assariou)!?  


And (kai) one (hen) out (ex) of them (autōn) shall absolutely not cause itself to fall (ou peseitai) upon (epi) the (tēn) land (gēn) without (aneu) the (tou) Father (patros) of you (humōn) [knowing, AE]!


Mat. 10:30 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) the (hai) hairs (triches) also (kai) of the (tēs) head (kephalēs) of you (humōn), are (eisin) all (pasai) having been numbered (ērithmēmenai)!


Mat. 10:31 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), do not be made fearful (mē phobeisthe).


You (humeis) bear through1308 (diapherete) [in drachma, v29, RE] of many (pollōn) little birds (strouthiōn).


Mat. 10:32 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), everyone (pas), one who (hostis) shall confess alike (homologēsei) in (en) to me (emoi) in front (emprosthen) of the (tōn) mortals (anthrōpōn), I also (kagō) shall likewise confess (homologēsō) in (en) to him (autō) in front (emprosthen) of the (tou) Father (patros) of me (mou), of the (tou) [Father, RE] in (en) the (tois) heavens (ouranois).


Mat. 10:33 (LIT/UBS4) But (d’) perhaps (an) anyone who (hostis) may cause himself to deny (arnēsētai) me (me) in front (emprosthen) of the (tōn) mortals (anthrōpōn), I also (kagō) shall cause myself to deny (arnēsomai) him (auton) in front (emprosthen) of the (tou) Father (patros) of me (mou), of the (tou) [Father, RE] in (en) the (tois) heavens (ouranois).


Mat. 10:34 (LIT/UBS4) Do not decide (mē nomisēte) that (hoti) I came (ēlthon) to throw (balein) peace (eirēnēn) over (epi) the (tēn) land (gēn).  


I came (ēlthon) to absolutely not throw (ouk balein) peace (eirēnēn), BUT (alla), [a] knife (machairan)!!


Mat. 10:35 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) I came (ēlthon) to cut into two1369 (dichasai) [a] mortal (anthrōpon) down on account (kata) of the (tou) father (patros) of him (autou), and (kai) [a] daughter (thugatera) down on account (kata) of the (tēs) mother (mētros) of her (autēs), and (kai) [a] bride (numphēn) down on account (kata) of the (tēs) mother in law (pentheras) of her (autēs)!


Mat. 10:36 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) hated ones (echthroi) of the (tou) mortal (anthrōpou) [shall be, AE] the (hoi) householders (oikiakoi) of him (autou).


Mat. 10:37 (LIT/UBS4) The one (ho) loving (philōn) [a] father (patera) or (ē) [a] mother (mētera) over (huper) me (eme) is absolutely not (ouk estin) one worthy (axios) of me (mou)!


And (kai) the one (ho) loving (philōn) [a] son (huion) or (ē) [a] daughter (thugatera) over (huper) me (eme) is absolutely not (ouk estin) one worthy (axios) of me (mou)!


Mat. 10:38 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) one who (hos) absolutely does not take (ou lambanei) the (ton) stake (stauron) of him (autou) and (kai) follow (akolouthei) behind (opisō) me (mou), he is absolutely not (ouk estin) one worthy (axios) of me (mou)!


Mat. 10:39 (LIT/UBS4) The one (ho) having found (heurōn) the (tēn) soul (psuchēn) of him (autou), he shall lose (apolesei) her (autēn), and (kai) the one (ho) having lost (apolesas) the (tēt) soul (psuchēn) of him (autou) on account of (heneken) me (emou), he shall find (heurēsei) her (autēn)!


(For the teachings and ministry of Jesus Christ affecting division among the people of Israel, see Mat. 3:10-12, 10:34-39; Luke 2:34, 3:9, 16-17, 12:49-53; John 7:43, 9:16, 10:19, 15:6; 2 Thes. 1:8-9; Heb. 1:7; and division among the ethnic groups, see 1 Cor. 1:10-11, 11:18-19, 12:25)   


Mat. 10:40 (LIT/UBS4) The one (ho) causing himself to receive (dechomenos) you (humas) causes himself to receive (dechetai) me (eme), and (kai) the one (ho) causing himself to receive (dechomenos) me (eme) causes himself to receive (dechetai) the one (ton) having sent (aposteilanta) me (me).


Mat. 10:41 (LIT/UBS4) The one (ho) causing himself to receive (dechomenos) [a] prophet (prophētēn) in (eis) [a] name (onoma) of [a] prophet (prophētou) shall cause himself to receive (lēmpsetai) [a] wage (misthon) of [a] prophet (prophētou).


And (kai) the one (ho) causing himself to receive (dechomenos) [a] righteous one (dikaion) in (eis) [a] name (onoma) of [a] righteous one (dikaiou) shall cause himself to receive (lēmpsetai) [a] wage (misthon) of [a] righteous one (dikaiou).


Mat. 10:42 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) perhaps (an) whoever (hos) may give [a] drink (potisē) to one (hena) of the (tōn) small ones (mikrōn) of these (toutōn), only (monon) [a] cup (potērion) of cold (psuchrou) [water, Mark 9:41, RE] in (eis) [a] name (onoma) of [a] disciple (mathētou), truly (amēn) I say (legō) to you (humin), no (mē), absolutely not (ou) may he lose (apolesē) the (ton) wage (misthon) of him (autou)!”